'Dino Reading' Coloring Page for Biltmore's Passage Little Free Library - Printable

Collaboration Printable


Last week, I had the pleasure of creating a coloring page for an incredible Little Free Library, Biltmore's Passage.


More than a just a place to get free books, Biltmore's Passage is a literary treasure trove that is carefully curated each month by Blair Clark. Collections evolve with the seasons and offer books for all ages. The talents of local artists and writers are shared in the forms of illustrated bookmarks, coloring pages and self-published zines. 


Blair has transformed Biltmore's Passage into a hub for the community, hosting public readings, school field trips and even expanded recently, to a second location inside of CXT Coffee in Peoria, IL.


Read more about BILTMORE'S PASSAGE MISSION and consider donating to ensure that Biltmore's Passage continues to flourish as a welcoming place for all to enjoy the wonders of literature and creativity.


Photos and Biltmore's Passage woodcut by: Blair Clark | Rabil Illustration

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