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"Old Trusty"

"Old Trusty"

Hi Friends,

It’s National Small Business Week so I thought I would give back by shining some light on the SBA (Small Business Association) and SCORE, two organizations that have helped me through the formation of my business and continue to help me today. 

Excellent business resources are available at NO CHARGE to everyone operating a business in the U.S.:

  • Business tools and templates - Including a step-by-step guide for business formation!
  • Mentorships – Free expert advice from people who genuinely want you to succeed!
  • Legal - Requirements and resources.
  • Workshops – Both in-person and online. Local classes are great for getting feedback and meeting entrepreneurs in your area. I have also learned from dozens of webinar recordings sent straight to my inbox to watch at my convenience.

My only regret is not finding out about these organizations sooner! 

Help your entrepreneurial, small business owner and artist friends avoid common pitfalls by sharing this page, today!

They'll be glad you did.


- Kristen

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