Goal Achieved! || Louie Award Finalist!


I was writing my "Goals and Dreams" post on Instagram for Day 13 of #marchmeetthemaker and I realized I forgot to share some excellent news!  (Some of you may already know from social media, but I wanted to make sure my blog followers have a chance to hear the whole story.)

One of my cards has been named a Louie Award Finalist!

What's A Louie?

Named after the Father of the American Christmas Card, Louis Prang, The Louie Awards are put on annually by the Greeting Card Association to acknowledge excellence in Greeting Card design.

Cards are Judged on 5 Criteria (as outlined here by the Greeting Card Association website):

  1. Originality: Does the card take a unique approach to design, concept or execution?
  2. Impact: Does the card have emotional impact?
  3. Design Excellence: Is the overall look of this card visually appealing? Did the designer make good choices in typography and artwork arrangement?
  4. Sendability: Is the card likely to be bought and sent for the occasion or purpose specified by the category? Is its format and design functional?
  5. Value: Is this card priced appropriately based on the overall quality of the product?


  • October 2017 - Entry Submission - The only entry I submitted was "Good Things Take Time" as entry fees are pretty hefty for my little company. $$$
  • February 2018 - Finalists Announced. I was completely - amazed - by the company in my category. My little fella is up against two of my favorite design companies, Elum and Rifle Paper Co. !
  • May 2018 - Winners will be announced at the Louie Awards Gala in New York City on May 20th.
  • If my card is chosen it will have a chance to compete for the Consumer's Choice Award.

Please tell me about your recent goals in the comments!

- Kristen


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